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In order to take clear pictures of your teeth, bones, and soft tissue, we will use digital X-rays as part of the oral examination. Today’s digital imaging technologies allow us to obtain very detailed and accurate images of the mouth and bone tissue, making it that much easier to diagnose problems and determine the current state of your oral health. The X-ray process only takes a few minutes and you can see the images on a computer screen almost immediately. We look at these images during your exam so it is easier for patients to see and understand treatment goals.

Why We Use Digital X-Rays  

Digital X-rays offer numerous benefits over conventional film and are among the latest advances in modern dentistry. We use digital radiography equipment at our practice to limit radiation exposure and also provide patients with a higher level of care.

Some of the key reasons why we use digital X-rays include:

  • Enhanced images that show more detail with clarity
  • Images are instantly available for viewing during patient exam
  • Allows us to share and print images easily
  • Better management and storage of images over time
  • No chemical development process needed
  • Easy to backup files for patient records and reduces risk of loss

Your Dental Visit with Digital X-Rays

We typically take a few sets of digital X-rays during your oral exam. Your oral exam includes a thorough evaluation of the teeth and gums, and the X-rays allow us to determine whether there are any underlying bone or gum issues that may be causing problems or symptoms you are experiencing. The X-ray process only takes a few minutes and you can see the images on a computer screen almost immediately. We can use these images to identify any problems, highlight areas that need treatment, and put together a comprehensive treatment plan.

We are committed to providing patients with a high level of dental care. We use digital X-rays and other state-of-the-art equipment to ensure you get the quality care you deserve!

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