Here's What Your Dentist Is Looking For During Your Cleaning

Do you get regular examinations and professional cleanings for your teeth? Don’t worry, many people visit the dentist less than they should, but it’s never too late to reap the benefits of seeing a dental professional on a regular basis. Studies show that people who see their dentist at least once a year experience less tooth decay.

Fear of the dentist is common. Estimates show that 36% of the population feels some anxiety around a dental professional. The good news is that a professional cleaning is noninvasive, painless, and quick. But most important, regular cleanings can prevent the need for complicated dental procedures that cause you to fear the dentist in the first place. 

Below, Dr. Kavitha Gowda, our specialist at Perfect Smiles Dentistry, explains the benefits of dental cleanings.

Dental plaque and cavities 

Before the cleaning process begins, you’ll have a mouth examination, which may include an X-ray. If Dr. Gowda finds plaque, she’ll use mild ultrasonic vibrations to clean each of your teeth individually and remove any plaque that may lead to cavities.

A trip to the dentist for a professional cleaning is also a good opportunity to find out if you need any dental work done. Dr. Gowda will also look for cavities and other signs during the cleaning process.

Inflammation and gum disease

Gum disease is the number one cause of tooth decay, and it can often be a sign of other chronic diseases such as diabetes or heart disease. 

However, it’s easier to prevent tooth decay if you catch gum disease early. If Dr. Gowda finds signs of inflammation in your mouth, she may direct you to see a specialist for other inflammation-related conditions.

Misalignments and shifting teeth 

If you’ve recently had one of your teeth extracted, your other teeth may start shifting to fill in the gap. This can cause misalignments and loosen up the roots of your teeth.

Learn more about what happens during a professional cleaning  

Even though you may not be looking forward to a trip to the dentist’s office, keep this in mind: A professional cleaning doesn’t involve any pain, and it will leave your teeth squeaky clean. 

During the cleaning, Dr. Gowda scrubs your teeth with a special toothpaste. She’ll remove tartar and plaque and give you suggestions on what to do next regarding your dental health.

If you live in Everett, Washington, and want to find out more about your dental health and how to prevent tooth decay, contact us to schedule a professional dental cleaning. 

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